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For Beginners

GMB intro final no guarantee
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Online barber course

6 information packed lessons

step by step video tutorials, 3 hours of content, taking you through the very basics.

anywhere anytime

your classroom, anywhere you go with access on your desktop, smartphone and tablet. 

who can benefit from this course?

anyone looking to begin their barber career, earn some extra pocket money or simply cut hair for their loved ones.

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Course overview



intro to tools

clippers, trimmers, combs, adjustments and more


clipper & scissor basics

learn how to work the clipper and scissors


Beard basics

shaping up, trimming and lining up the beard


skin fade basics

learn how to produce a sharp skin fade


skin fade & beard basics

learn how to make a skin fade and beard work 


straight razor basics

cleaning, holding, blades + how to practice

my barber journey

My name is Cristian and have been cutting hair since age 13. However, my skills were definitely not where they are now. It was by practice, determination but most importantly by making mistakes that I was able to become the barber I am today.


I began my barber journey out of necessity. When you're in school, all you want to do is look cool but unfortunately at that age there is not much money in your pocket. After some time, my friends started to notice my haircuts and asked if I could give them one. When I started, it wasn't pretty but by trial and error I became better.


14 years later I own and run my own mobile barber business and have the ability to share my knowledge with other future young barbers who either want to cut their own hair, need some extra money or want to start their own business. 


Back when I began, I would've loved to have access to a course that was affordable and easy to understand. It is by the love I have for barbering that I share this with you. 


If I can help anyone get a step closer to beginning their barber journey and reaching their goals,  I will be more than happy!   


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